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Our Learning Center is more than a daycare.  We care for children from 6 weeks through Kinder.  However, beginning at 12 months, we introduce the Carpenter's Kids curriculum for learning.  We do not only care for your children, but we are educating your children.  In Kinder, we introduce the advanced Abeka curriculum.

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The Carpenter's Kids

The Carpenter's Kids® is a Bible-based curriculum for children ages two (2) through five (5). It uses games, activities, music, poetry, memorization, craft centers, interaction, creative thinking, language arts, and more.



Abeka offers a complete range of textbooks, workbooks, readers, lesson plans, teaching aids, and easy-to-order kits-all written and designed based on a proven approach helping students learn. Abeka provides consistent education from grade to grade and subject to subject with clearer teaching, increased comprehension, less frustration, and more accomplishment.


Parent Handbook

This handbook contains current information regarding policies, standards, policies, rules and activities of the Crossroads Christian Academy.

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